GP Information


Thank you for considering our services. If you would like one of our specialist general surgeons
to see your patient, please fax or email a signed referral to South West Surgical Services.

Fax:                                       97217882

Phone:                                   97211333

Healthlink ID:                         sthwsurg

Patients who do not express a strong preference for a surgeon can be referred to the practice
and we will ensure they are seen by the next available surgeon. Once receiving the referral our friendly receptionists will contact your patient with a consultation date. All referrals are reviewed by our surgeons.

Urgent Appointments

If you have a patient that requires an urgent appointment for clinical reasons, please state clearly on your referral Urgent or you may contact our practise for an appointment for your patient.

If you need to speak to any of our surgeons for any reason, please call the practice. If they are
not in the practise our staff will provide you with their mobile number.
Please be aware that they may be operating and hence may not be able to answer immediately.
However, they will always get back to you as soon as they can.