Nick Newman, Jacinta Cover & Justin Johnston - Colonoscopy Prep (Afternoon List)



As soon as you wake up the day prior to your procedure no solid foods or milk products
are allowed. Drink only Approved Clear Fluids see list below.

Approved Clear Fluids:

Clear salty fluids (e.g.: strained chicken noodle soup, clear broth/bonox/stock cubes).
Clear fruit juice (apple/lemon)
Plain jelly (yellow or orange)
Black tea or coffee (no milk)
Sports drinks (yellow or orange), Gastrolyte, cordials (lemon/orange).
No red/purple/blue/green food colourings.
Barley sugar may also be sucked if required.

Preparation of Picosalax Solution
Dissolve the contents of one sachet of Picosalax in one full glass (approximately 250mls)
of warm water. This may be chilled prior to use if you prefer.

1. At approximately 5pm drink one sachet of Picosalax.
2. At approximately 9pm, repeat the above.
3. At 8am on the morning of your procedure drink the 3rd sachet.

Continue drinking Approved Clear Fluids until 6 hours prior to your admission time.

You may have water until 3 hours prior to admission.

Diabetics - Should contact your General Practitioner/Diabetic Educator for
Medication/Insulin dosage adjustments.

Sodium Picosulphat
e - Gastrointestinal Lavage Preparation

PICOSALAX: Each sachet contains Sodium Pciosulphate 10mg, Magnesium Oxide 3.5g, Citric acid 12g,
Potassium Bicarbonate 500mg, Saccharin sodium 60mg, Orange Flavour 60mg.

For Further information refer to NPS Medicine Wise